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Unaccepted items
The following items are not accepted at Zero Waste Tucson. Please use the following guide to ensure that you do not drop-off any items that we will be unable to take. There are however, other ways to dispose of these items that may be stored in your home.
Illustration of a chair

Furniture & household items

  • Box Springs/Futons/Mattress/Sleep Number Beds/ Water Beds/Cribs

  • Carpets

  • Couches with Built in Beds and /or Recliners

  • Office Equipment & Furniture

  • Organs/Pianos

  • Plumbing Fixtures 

  • Window Blinds/Window Rods.

Illustration of an above ground pool

Pool & water accesories

  • Diver Tanks

  • Hot Tubs and Spas

  • Fish Tanks

  • Broken Nonmetal Items/Wet Items

Illustration of old car battery

Household hazardous waste

  • Chemicals and Paint

  • Flammable Items

Illustration of an old box TV

Electronics & appliances

  • Air Conditioning Units (larger ones)

  • Built in Appliances ~ Including portable dishwashers

  • TV’S (Old box style to include Analog & CRT)

Illustration of old newpapers

Miscelaneous items

  • Bowling Balls

  • Strollers/Car Seats

  • Tires

  • Magazines/Newspapers

Cartoon of 2 guys carrying a fridge


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