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Brief History of zero waste tucson
The Zero Waste Collection Event began as a conversation between Mrs. Green’s World, Goodwill of Southern AZ, and Tucson Environmental Services. After some research and a visit to Tempe to observe their collection event, the group reached out to local Tucson groups to generate interest. Tucsonans are committed to building a sustainable environment so there are numerous opportunities to donate goods, recycle, or repurpose. The Zero Waste Collection Event gathers organizations who offer community options for waste diversion. Through participation in the collection event, they are able to collect these materials and highlight these opportunities that are available throughout the community.
Most Popular Items Collected in 2023

Zero Waste collected 764,000 tons of waste in 2023. The bulk of the collection came from the following sources: small home goods, electronics, paper for shredding, eyeglasses and books.

Timeline to Zero Waste

The Timeline is intended to be the show the intended development toward a Zero Waste Plan, establishing the specific means by which the City will reach its 2030 and 2050 goals. The Zero Waste Plan will include key milestones, important partnerships, community inputs, and long-term planning for the City.

Tucson will be Zero Waste by


Illustration of recycling bin
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