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Zero waste tips
Here are some popular tips to integrate into your daily routine, reduce our carbon foot print and live a more zero waste life!
Water bottle_2x.png
water bottle

Remember to use reusable water bottles. Aluminum bottles are best as glass is not always recyclable in some cities.

Reusable cutlery

Reusable cutlery and aluminum straws are a good way to help reduce the use of plastics by eliminating the use of disposable utensils. Reusable dishes are also
a fantastic option.

Tupper ware_2x.png
REusable containers

Reusable containers help reduce food waste, save or share leftovers for another time. They are also a great way to save scraps for composting.

Veggie bag_2x.png
unpackaged produce

Choose to buy unpackaged produce, and use reusable bags. This helps reduce the consumption of hard to recycle plastics such as single use plastic bags and plastic clings or wrappers.

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